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With expert bathroom remodeling contractors, a complete bathroom remodel can add value to your home and be an enjoyable experience. You get to pick out sparkling, new, and modern fixtures and tiles and work on the color combinations and lights.

Moreover, it can be an opportunity to go for tub-to-shower replacements or fix other problems like old fixtures, mold and pipe leakages, etc.

Our Spring Valley experts have worked with dozens of clients to date. They know all the ins and outs of bathroom construction and plumbing work.

They can help design your dream bathroom within your budget and with premium quality.

Our experts know a bathroom is the most used room around the house. It’s more than just a place to go for handwashing, brushing hair or teeth, and doing business. It’s also a solitary refuge for many.

Call our network today and let our pros build or redesign the perfect bathroom for your home.

A complete bathroom remodel with wood cabinet sinks and free standing bathtub.

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Bathroom Remodeling – Key Statistics

As people are becoming aware of the benefits of bathroom remodels, they are increasingly opting to replace their existing fixtures, flooring, cabinets, lighting, and other bathroom details.
The public interest can be gauged by the fact that in 2020 alone, the bathroom remodeling market grew to over $59 billion. The market is forecasted to continue to see an upward trend until 2027.

Homeowners understand that a few amendments to their basic bathroom structure can become fruitful in their attempts to attract a wider customer base and ask for higher bids on their property.

In 2021, 33% of homeowners in the U.S. went for master bathroom remodel projects just because they needed a change and couldn’t stand their existing bathrooms.

As per the State of Remodeling U.S. survey 2022, bathrooms are the most common home renovation projects. Moreover, mid-range remodeling projects have an ROI as high as 70%.

Why not take the opportunity to build something that lasts, looks pleasing to the eye, and takes your property value up a notch with a bathroom remodeling project? Contact Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Spring Valley today to learn more.

Bathroom Tiling

Tiles give a fresh and luxurious look to a bathroom. They have so many kinds, styles, colors, and sizes of tiles today that designing a bathroom tub surround, walls, and floor can be an exciting project.

While there are so many types, porcelain, and ceramic tiles still take the lead as these are strong, lasting, and do not let water through.

If you wish to change the tiles while remodeling the bathroom, they will provide you with catalogs to choose the designs and colors per your liking.

Then, our designers will purchase the tiles and begin the tiling work. We’ll prepare the walls by making them clean and sanded so the tiles can be placed on them.

Then using measurements, they will make the marking, and the tiles will be cut to fit.

Next, we’ll do some grouting to ensure they sit perfectly in place. In this phase, any air or spaces left between the tiles that could allow water to seep through are filled.

Once the tiles are dry, the bathroom is ready for use.

Toilet Installation

Just like everything else, toilets also have an expiration date. Eventually, they wear out and need a replacement.

Often, homeowners consider replacing the toilet while remodeling the bathroom.

No matter the reasons for the replacement, toilet installation is tricky. It requires expert workmanship to install the new one accurately, ensuring there are no leaks and the fixture isn’t damaged.

While installing the new toilet yourself may seem tempting, it’s recommended to call a professional for the job.

Here’s how toilet installation works:


  • Remove the old fixture: First, our fencing partners will remove the old fixture. Our plumbers will carefully unscrew the bolts, nuts, and other components.



  • Install the bolts on the flange: Next, they install and secure the new bolts onto the flange.



  • Place the wax ring: Once the bolts are in place, the wax ring will be placed in between, and the new toilet bowl will be positioned near the tip.



  • Toilet tank: Finally, the toilet tank will be installed.


Lastly, the water line will be secured to the tank, and with some caulking and final touches, your toilet will be ready to use.

Making a Bathroom Accessible for Disabled Individuals

Bathroom accessibility isn’t just for the elderly or those with mobility issues. As our bodies grow older, they need more support and comfort. Plus, anyone could be injured, requiring special care temporarily.

All such situations warrant the need for an accessible bathroom.

However, there’s good news. Making the bathroom accessible doesn’t require costly and heavy remodeling work. Installing a few grab bars in the right places, a raised toilet seat instead of our regular seat, and motion sensors, can do wonders for the area.

Raised toilet seats, for one, are great for those using wheelchairs and mobility aids. They are easy to sit on and stand up from.

Plus, the doors of the bathroom should open outward. This serves a dual purpose, it keeps the doorway wide open and maximizes the inside space.

Then, there are shower benches and caddies, lever faucets for easy use, wide entryways, and other accessible features you may consider to make the place accessible and comfortable.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive. But you can also make a few small changes to your existing space and make it look good as new.

Here are a few ideas that can help you redesign and remodel your bathroom quickly and easily.

Upgrade the Vanity

The low-cost, most effective way to upgrade your bathroom is to change the vanity and cabinets. It allows for more storage space and changes the appearance of your bathroom with ease.

Go for smart storage and floating shelves to make the room look less cluttered and more organized.

New Paint

You may opt to change the paint or color of the bathroom. Bold colors make bathrooms look fresh and updated.

Change the Fixtures

You may change the toilet, tub, sink, or other fixtures and fittings like knobs and faucets.

You can choose from various faucets, knobs, and other fittings and components.

Add Lighting and Mirrors

Lights and mirrors work wonders to upgrade a space. Adequate lighting is necessary for making your bathroom a safe place and adds a pleasant ambiance to it.

Add motion sensor lights to the walkway, shower, or entrance for a modern touch.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Remodeled bathrooms add value to the home. They also make the space more comfortable and manageable for the young and old alike. Change the color scheme, tiles, or vanity, or go install new fixtures and lighting.

No matter how extensive the work, with experienced craftsmen and contractors by your side, your bathroom will shine. It will even help you attract more buyers to your property when it’s time to sell so you can get better prices.

Contact our local Spring Valley network today if your house needs a bathroom upgrade.

They provide smart and economical solutions to all bathroom renovation and remodeling needs. Plus, they are comprehensively qualified, so rest assured your bathroom is in good hands with our experts.

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