Shower Installation and Bathtub Installation Services in Spring Valley

The shower or bathtub is one of the most used fixtures in the bathroom. At times, the shower head becomes clogged, broken, moldy, or troublesome in a way that requires replacement.

The same goes for bathtubs; they may crack, get stains, or become a hassle. Hence, they often replace the entire fixture when they remodel a bathroom.

Spring Valley Bathroom Remodel Experts provides bathtub removal, replacement, tub-to-shower conversion, and other related services. They provide quality workmanship backed with warranties on all fixtures and fittings.

They also work on the shower curb, door, faucet, and tiling. Our team is actively trained on-site and has years of experience in bathroom remodeling. They won’t let you down!

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General Facts about Shower and Bath Tub Installation

The general preference for a shower versus a bath has always been debatable. Today, though, due to lack of time and changing lifestyles, people are looking for quick and accessible alternatives to soaking in a bathtub. So you’ll find more households with showers today.

Moreover, the water consumption level when using the bath far outweighs the consumption level when using the shower. As per EPA, the bathtub requires 70 gallons of water approximately to fill up. Whereas a quick shower takes about 10 to 25 gallons.

Low-flow showers and other technological upgrades make conserving water more effortless.

On the contrary, bathtubs are loved for their soothing comfort and relaxation. They are great for exfoliating the skin and calming your nerves.

Bathtubs offer aesthetic appeal and are great for bathing your kids. Furthermore, you can choose from various appealing designs to add to your bathroom.

But again, for most people, showers take the win. They are more accessible and safe, and may be equipped with grab bars and shower benches for ease and comfort. You can also pick options such as steam showers, rain showers, and jet showers.

If you consider the ROI, the benefits of having a bathtub in a remodeled bathroom are much higher. As per Zillow data, every $1 spent on the bathroom will yield a $1.71 increase in the house’s value. Buyers love bathrooms with bathtubs, especially families who may be interested in your property.

A bathtub installation needs to be done by professionals only. An overzealous DIY attempt could damage the fixtures permanently and cause high costs of fixing the entire bathroom later.

Even the most perfect fixtures won’t do you good if improperly installed when they don’t function or sit well.

Only experienced bathroom remodeling contractors can add value to your bathroom and home.

New bathtub remodel with built-in fireplace.

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Installing a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are installed separately from the bathtub and often enclosed in glass doors or surround. Walk-in showers are increasingly gaining popularity owing to their ease of use, spacious outlook, and safety features.

People prefer using walk-in showers instead of bathtubs as they are convenient, and you don’t have to wait to fill the whole tub and prepare for the bath. As the name goes, it’s a simple walk-in and shower.

However, installing a new walk-in shower is not a job everyone can undertake. It involves plumbing, removal of previous fixtures, if any, and other intricacies.

Hence, you need experts like Spring Valley Bathroom Remodel Experts for shower installation. A typical walk-in shower installation involves the following steps.


  • First, you have to decide on the place to install the shower. If there’s an existing bathtub or shower overhead, you need to discuss replacing it with the contractors.



  • The contractors will then take the measurements for the fittings.



  • Then comes the cool part. You have to choose the fittings. That includes the new shower head, type, faucets, and other shower components.



  • Contractors will install the shower tray, curb, tiles, and drain.



  • Then, the shower installers will install the shower and all the components, including the surround, enclosure or glass door, etc.


Bathtub Replacements

Bathtub replacements can be tricky. You’ll find different designs, types, and sizes of bathtubs on the market. There are generic bathtubs, soaking and walk-in tubs, whirlpools, and air tubs, etc.

They have all the modern quality tub designs that are easy to maintain and can give you decades of peace without requiring repairs or replacements. They cater to all customer needs, but they recommend acrylic tubs as they are easy to maintain, clean, and budget-friendly.

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Bathtub-to-Shower Bathroom Conversion

People today are opting for tub-to-shower conversions due to their fast-paced lives. It saves space and is practical and easy for the young and old alike.

The bathtub-to-shower conversion process involves removing the previous bathtub and installing the shower head and the other parts of the shower.

Based on usage and preference, you can opt for steam showers or slow-flow showers that reduce water consumption. The conversion requires the contractor to work on the shower curb and door. So if bathroom remodeling is already lined up in your plans, it’s time to consider the bathtub-to-shower conversion.

The process can often be done within a few days. It involves taking out the old bathtub, making the base or shower curb, preparing the walls, and installing the shower and all the other components. It also includes the shower door installation and completing the shower wall and surround.

At Spring Valley Bathroom Remodel Experts, they provide quality materials and fixtures at market prices. So, you can add value to your bathroom within any budget.

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Accessible Bathrooms

With the world moving toward inclusion, it’s only wise to make our homes more accessible and welcoming for everyone. If you have senior citizens, little children, or those with mobility issues residing or coming over to stay, why not make your bathrooms more comfortable for them?

After all, the bathroom is the most used room in the house. All it takes is a few changes and installations to make your toilet and bath safe and easy to use for everyone.

To start with, grab bars and handles can be placed easily for support while sitting and standing. These are usually installed beside the toilet seat and shower.

Consider widening the doorway space to allow wheelchairs, installing high toilet seats, and keeping some space under the sink so people in wheelchairs can easily use the vanity as they please.

Consider lowering the shelves and counters, so they can easily access them. It takes only a few tweaks to make your bathroom more personalized and convenient. Discuss these details with our shower and toilet installers when remodeling; they can easily add these accessibility features.

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They follow a checklist rule to avoid all overheads or extra charges, which are annoying. Every part of the project is listed and priced on our checklist. This ensures no ambiguities later, and our prices are consistent and in line with quotations.

Moreover, they provide multiple quotations for our clientele. So if budget is an issue, book a consultation with our network, and our contractors will help put together your dream bathroom within your budget. Also, they use quality materials for all our fittings and give craftsmanship warranty to all clients.

They will work to get the job done and get your bathroom ready as soon as possible while offering minimal interference to our client’s routines while our experts work on the fittings.

They also conduct a post-inspection to review the functionality of the remodeled fixtures. In case of any issues, contact our support staff, who are available 24/7.

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